We have compiled a selection of Bugatti facts that made these cars insane & expensive in 2021.

You will find not only best-known facts review of these supercars but also unknown facts about Bugatti like how much are the maintenance costs and why Bugatti are known for its exclusivity.

Why Every Auto Enthusiast Should Love the Bugatti? Check this out – watch this video.

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00:00 2021 Bugatti Facts Review and Why We Love Bugatti Cars

00:44 Bugatti Factory Location

01:29 Crazy Car Customisation

02:30 Exceptionally Well Made

03:23 High-Quality Materials

04:06 Car Performance

04:48 The Bugatti Club

05:48 High Demand

06:30 High Brand Trust

07:17 Maintenance Costs

07:54 Exclusivity

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