If you’ve ever wondered what is the most expensive thing in the whole world, watch this video.
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Today we will be covering the top 10 MOST EXPENSIVE THINGS that cost an insane amount of cash!
You may ask what are the most expensive things in the world in 2020?
These could be supreme yachts, luxury cars, diamond bracelets and best villas in the world.
Wealthy people, these days are coming up with new and unique ways to spend their money and live a lavish lifestyle.
Imagine that you’ve already got everything you could possibly want, then answer the question of how do you go that one step further?
We show you how with our list of top expensive things in the world in 2020.
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Stay tuned to see which of the fantastic items we have on our list that was bought by not an individual, but a country!
So keep your eyes peeled, as you don’t want to miss any one of these amazing items.
So without further ado, let’s get into the Top 10 Most Expensive Things In The World
An index of lists of most expensive items:
♦ 00:00 Top 10 Most Expensive Things In The World 2020
♦ 00:33 #10 A Parking Spot In Manhattan, Worth: $1 Million
♦ 01:34 #9 ‘Rhein II’ (Photograph), Worth: $4.3 Million
♦ 02:21 #8 Diamond Panther Bracelet, Worth: $12.4 Million
♦ 03:16 #7 The ‘Perfect Pink’, Worth: $23 Million
♦ 04:17 #6 1963 Ferrari GTO, Worth: $70 Million ♦
05:25 #5 Garçon à la pipe (painting), Worth: $104 Million
♦ 06:38 #4 The Card Players’ (Painting), Worth: $260 Million
♦ 07:30 #3 Villa Leopolda, Worth: $506 Million
♦ 08:55 #2 Antilia, Worth: $1 Billion
♦ 10:15 #1 History Supreme Yacht, Worth: $4.8 Billion
♦ 11:16 Shocking Reveal
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