The Most Expensive House In The World. Join us, as we give you an inside look at the most expensive house in the world 2020.

In today’s video, prepare to be blown away with our exclusive, in-depth tour of the world’s most expensive private residence in the world.

It’s got the mark of wealth beyond your wildest dreams!

There are magnificent mansions all over the world, and then there’s the Antilia; home to business mogul Mukesh Ambani.

As the chairman of Reliance Industries, Mr Mukesh has splashed a large part of his personal fortune to build this magnificent home inspired by the legendary lost world of Atlantis.

Situated in the plush neighbourhood of South Mumbai’s Altamount Road, it holds the record for being the most expensive private home in the world.

00:00 The Most Expensive House in The World

00:32 #1 Location and Value

01:57 #2 The Accommodation

03:33 #3 Interior Design

05:02 #4 Entertainment

06:22 #5 Health and Well-Being Facilities

07:09 #6 Parking

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If you thought having one indoor garage was amazing, then stick around to the end; because you won’t believe the number of garages, let alone cars, this massive home can hold!

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