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In this video episode, you will know about The Future Tesla Roadster – Fastest Car & Longest Range.

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Today we will be giving you the inside scoop on the 2021 Tesla Roadster. Tesla is known for having great cars. But the newest roadster is set to be one of their most luxurious vehicles yet.

The Tesla Roadster is the fastest car and has the longest range. One of their fastest and longest range of cars is The SpaceX Package. While most new cars come with additional options and packages in order to boost your ride none come close to Tesla’s all-new SpaceX Package. This package will equip the Roadster with about 10 small rocket thrusters both around the car and behind the licence plate.

As with most of the New Founders Series cars, Tesla will be creating a large number of base models for the mass market. However, if you are a Tesla collector then you may be interested in purchasing the founders series.

To find out about all of The Future Tesla Roadster’s luxury features and its insanely strong battery pack then let’s watch the full video and feel the luxurious feeling as well….

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This list contains The Future Tesla Roadster – Fastest Car & Longest Range.
The Future Tesla Roadster – Fastest Car & Longest Range

00:00 INTRO
00:36 #10 The SpaceX Package
01:26 #9 The Founders Series
02:07 #8 The Price
02:44 #7 The Acceleration
03:33 #6 The Speed
04:03 #5 The Interior
04:54 LIKE
05:06 #4 All Wheel Drive
05:35 #3 High Hop
06:30 #2 The Delays
07:16 #1The Battery

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