What’s The Most Expensive Tesla You Can Buy Today?

Tesla offers a variety of electric vehicles for consumers to choose from, but for those who are rich and are looking for the best, be prepared for the high price.

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Here’s a breakdown on the various Tesla cars models available to buy in 2020 / 2021 from least to most expensive, detailing what customers get with each model.

Watch this video to learn more about existing Tesla electric cars that are high-priced, but also upcoming model Tesla Roadster in 2021.

00:00 Most Expensive Tesla Cars 2020 2021

00:35 Tesla Model 3 2020 – $36,200

01:41 Tesla Model Y 2020 – $51,190

02:40 Tesla Model S 2020 – $76,190

03:45 Tesla Model S 2019 – $76,200

04:40 Tesla Model X 2020 – $81,190

05:31 Tesla Model X 2019 – $82,200

06:11 Tesla Model Roadster 2021 – $200,000

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