We hunted down 10 most expensive luxury watches ever sold.

These are some of the world’s most sophisticated and best watches as of 2021.

Prestigious and best watches for the high-end club members.

Meet the top 10 most expensive but limited editions of watches 2021.

These watches are filled with diamonds and precious metals that make them luxurious, exclusive watches.

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Here are the most expensive and luxurious brands in the watch market, including Patek Philippe collection:

00:00 Most Expensive Luxury Watches 2021

00:42 Rolex Daytona Unicorn ref 6525

01:44 Patek Philippe Titanium ref 5208T-010

02:35 Patek Philippe Gold Chronograph ref 1527

03:30 Patek Philippe White Cold Calibre 89

04:33 Patek Philippe Stainless Steel ref 5016A-010

05:21 Patek Philippe Gobbi Milan Heures Universelles ref 2523

06:19 Patek Philippe Stainless Steel ref 1518

07:07 Rolex Paul Newman Daytona ref 6239

08:09 Patek Philippe Henry Graves

09:14 Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime ref 6300A-010

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