Today, we’re sharing the foods that will break your bank.

Are you ready “to taste” the Most Expensive Food Only Rich People Can Afford in 2020?

Here are the 10 most expensive foods and dishes in the world. If you ever get a chance, which one of these would you like to try?

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Why is it so expensive?

One thing as changing the food industry (hint: edible gold).

This list contains the list of Most Expensive Food in the World.

00:00 Most Expensive Food in the World

00:41 Curry – $2,600 01:46 Black Watermelon – $4,500 to $6,000

02:46 Ruby Roman Grapes – $11,000 03:53 Meat Pie – $14,260

05:07 Ice Cream Sundae – $25,000

06:19 Breakfast – $27,000

07:18 Caviar – $34,500

08:28 Truffles – $300,000

09:59 Bottle of Wine – $500,000

10:59 Wedding Cake – $1 mln

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