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In this video, we share some of the most expensive Car Crash Tests Filmed EVER.

Luxury Cars Get Crushed & Scraped as of 2020 2021.

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Supercar crash tests are essential to ensure that a car is safe to use; however, when we see high-class cars get smashed into smithereens, it can definitely be quite shocking!

So, we hope you enjoy the video and stick around until the end so you can find out how Elon Musk made a fool of himself with his latest Tesla Car Test!

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00:00 INTRO

00:41 #10 The Koenigsegg Regera

01:15 #9 The Lamborghini Murciélago

01:57 #8 The Flying Taxi

02:39 #7 The Bugatti Veyron

03:19 #6 A Tank

03:52 #5 A F1 04:41 LIKE SCENE

04:52 #4 The Black London Taxi

05:27 #3 The BMW Z4

06:04 #2 The Mercedes Benz G Class

06:42 #1 The Tesla CyberTruck

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