Today, we’ll be reviewing the intricate relationship between the charismatic artist Jack Armstrong and his most iconic art, the Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson.

You won’t believe how much it’s valued to cost in the next three years.

As connoisseurs of luxury and the finer things in life, there are a very few things that tickle our fancy…

We’ve seen it all, or so we presumed.

That is, until we remembered that the 10th Anniversary of the Million Dollar Harley-Davidson is right around the corner!

This 2002 V-Rod Harley Davidson was painted by artist Jack Armstrong, incorporating his modern Cosmic Extensionalism Style.

In case you missed an art class or two, or perhaps art wasn’t your major, we’ll dig a little more into this, shall we?

For those who don’t know, Jack Armstrong founded Cosmic Extensionalism art in 1999.

He was also named the “The Last Wizard” by the famous artist Andy Warhol who was a close friend of Jack.

Jack’s works feature in the private collections of Alice Walton, Michel Polnareff and Narendra Patel and are valued between $1-6 million.

The Cosmic Starship is one of three foundational pieces; together with two other seminal paintings; the Warhol Naked and The Cosmic Firebird each valued at an impressive $10 million.

Indeed, the Harley Davidson, like its counterparts, is an iconic piece of art.

Perhaps it should be dubbed as the only moving painting in the world?

That is if you can afford to take it on the road. Since 2017, it’s been listed for sale by its current owner, and once it finds a buyer, it will go down in history as the world’s most grand motorcycle.

Interestingly, when compared to other Harley Davidson models, there is nothing particularly outstanding about this V-Rod in terms of its modifications.

In fact, Armstrong selected it mainly because he had a man-crush on Harleys since his teen years; and he felt that it was the perfect canvas for his revolutionary painting style.

A style that has taken him up to 30 years to perfect.

The Cosmic Starship was unveiled to the world in October 2010 at Bartels in Marina Del Rey, California; in front of a lavish ceremony that spared no expense.

In front of thousands of high-profile guests, the hog was dropped from the sky while lit up by $100,000 worth of lights. This month marks its 10th anniversary as the most luxurious bike in the world.

Over the years, it has switched hands for ridiculous prices.

For example, in 2012, it was sold for $3,000,000.

And in 2017, its asking price was modified to $15,000,000!

And according to the company that commissioned the work, Star Global International, its current value is estimated to be around $30,000,000.

There are even conversations among appraisers that the value might skyrocket to $250,000,000 in the next three years!

According to reports, Armstrong painstakingly took six years to complete the work.

And while you might not be able to see this by merely examining the bike’s pictures, you can tell that Armstrong dedicated his heart and soul to the project just by how he talks about it.

He reportedly utilised plenty of acrylic paints and no less than 37 coats of clear coat on top; a method Armstrong spent three decades mastering.

This, coupled with how he expresses the energy that exists in interplanetary and multi-dimensional extensionalism through his work, makes Armstrong standout amongst his contemporaries.

He thrives in expressing his nature in art through the use of hidden contexts which are subtly hinted when the Starship is viewed at different angles and in different lighting.

In fact, Armstrong has repeatedly admitted that nothing he will ever create again will give him the sense of satisfaction that he gets from seeing more than 100 international photographers snap the Harley on the Red Carpet in Los Angeles.

And it’s no wonder that 10 years down the line, the Cosmic Starship still boasts a hefty price tag!

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