10 Highest Paid Athletes in the World.

Counting down the top highest paid athletes of 2020.

Here’s the list of superstar athletes that are crazy rich and probably make more money than you’d think!

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn what are 10 most paid athletes in the world as of 2020.

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00:00 Top Ten Highest Paid Athletes, Annual Salary:

00:41 #10 Carson Wentz, Annual Salary: $59.1M

02:01 #9 Kirk Cousins, Annual Salary: $60.5M

03:00 #8 Tiger Woods, Annual Salary: $62.3M

04:13 #7 Kevin Durant, Annual Salary: $63.9M

05:22 #6 Stephen Curry, Annual Salary: $74.4M

06:28 #5 LeBron James, Annual Salary: $88.2M

07:48 #4 Neymar, Annual Salary: $95.5M

08:52 #3 Lionel Messi, Annual Salary: $104M

09:43 #2 Cristiano Ronaldo, Annual Salary: $105M

10:47 #1 Roger Federer, Annual Salary: $106.3M

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