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In this video episode, you will know about the Most Ridiculous Celebrity Purchases of All Time. Interested? So let’s start.

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We are laying down the most incredibly ridiculous and expensive celebrity purchase of all time. We all love to hear about what crazy thing celebrities spend their money on. The more money they have the weirder it gets. To know the most ridiculous celebrity purchases of all time stick around till the end and discover certainly the most excessive celebrity purchase we have ever seen.

One of the most ridiculous celebrity purchases of all time is a $1700 plane ticket. This plane ticket was purchased by U2 mega-star Bono. Bono once paid $1700 for a first-class plane ticket from London to Italy before a performance only for his HAT!!! Another most ridiculous celebrity purchase of all time Madonna’s $10,000 on water. Are you shocked by hearing this?

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This list contains the Most Ridiculous Celebrity Purchases of All Time.

00:00 Intro
00:31 10 $1700 Plane Ticket For a Hat
01:36 9 $10,000 on Water Bottles
02:34 8 $24,000 Hair Extensions
03:43 7 $50,000 Ghost Detector
04:55 6 $52,000 Sofa
06:21 5 $100,000 Leggings
07:09 4 $325,000 dog house
08:07 3 A Solid Gold Bathtub For $2.3 Million
08:58 2 A Humidifier For $2 Million
09:48 1 An Island For $3.6 Million

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