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In this video episode, you will learn about the Most Expensive Cars Upgrades Ever.

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We are calling out all iRichers and car lovers alike. Because today we are taking a look at the most expensive car upgrade in the world.

Luxury cars are worth a fortune but aside from their price tags there is something else that makes them extremely expensive. Is it their poise or elegance when cruising down the highway? No, it’s something entirely different.

In our today’s list one of the most expensive cars upgrades is for Mercedes. Mercedes my bar rear seat, one of the most attractive features of the interior of any car. Another most expensive car upgrade is going for Audi Bang & Olufsen Speakers. It will cost six thousand three hundred dollars for a sound system in your car.sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Well specialists from Bang Olufsen and engineers at Audi have expended plenty of time and effort to perfect a genuine 3d sound system that creates an orchestra hall feeling in the back seat of any large sedan.

To know more about the most expensive cars upgrades ever then check out the whole video and enjoy till the end.

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This list contains the Most Expensive Cars Upgrades Ever

Most Expensive Cars Upgrades Ever

♦ 00:00 Most Expensive Cars Upgrades Ever
♦ 00:46 #9 Mercedes-Maybach Rear Seat – $1,950
♦ 02:06 #8 Audi Bang & Olufsen Speakers – $6,300
♦ 03:44 #7 Chevrolet Camaro 21-Inch 2SS Wheels – $6,480
♦ 05:16 #6 Rolls-Royce Starlight Headliner – $12,925
♦ 06:48 #5 Infiniti QX80 Blind Spot Warning System – $12,750
♦ 08:22 #4 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drinks Cabinet – $19,450
♦ 09:32 #3 Ferrari Forged Diamond Wheels – $47,440
♦ 10:27 #2 Mercedes-Maybach Granite Trim – $58,000
♦ 11:38 #1 Ferrari Carbon Fibre Front End – $333,500

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