Today, we will be listing the 7 absolutely worst & biggest fails of the most famous companies in existence!

It’s no secret that even the greatest, the most famous companies can epically fail.

One of the necessary conditions of a successful & famous company is failure.

Therefore, businesses need to take risks in order to continue growing.

Obviously, risks often work, but they can’t work all the time.

Everyone hears about the unbelievable success stories of the wealthiest companies in the world.

But how often do you hear about their most embarrassing flops?

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Stick with us till the end to discover one of the most embarrassing moments in the history of the world’s Richest Company!

00:00 Biggest Fails of the Most Famous Companies

00:33 The Failed Windows Phone by Microsoft

01:55 The Medical Disaster – Theranos

03:29 Huge Security Breach – Facebook

04:49 Galaxy Note by Samsung

06:09 Cybertruck Armor by Tesla

07:29 Surface RT Tablet by Microsoft

08:34 Face Recognition Fail by Apple


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