How much is too much?

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10 Times Rich People Took It Too Far 2020. From Kanye Wests’ Pet Alligator to ATM Machine in Deshawn Stephens’ Home.

You might think it’s easy to criticize the rich for their extravagant spending, but let’s check the list, we spoiled some crazy cases in this video.

We’ve checked how rich people took it way too far & in this video, we show ridiculous things bought by billionaires. So welcome to watch Most Insane Purchases Ever Done.

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00:00 10 Times Rich People Took It Too Far

00:32 Justin Bieber’s Family Guy Necklace

01:41 Bono’s First-Class Ticker for His Hat

02:45 Beyonce’s Gold Leggings

03:45 Jay-Z’s Horse Race

04:40 Kanye West’s Restructuring of the Sistine Chapel

05:32 Jocelyn Wildenstein’s Botched Up Plastic Surgery

06:29 Pavel Durov’s Making Paper Plane Out of Money

07:27 Saudi Arabia King Spends $3 mln on His Daughter’s Wedding

08:19 Deshawn Stephens Installs ATM Machine in His Home

09:07 Kanye West’s New Pet (hint: An Alligator)

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