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In this video episode, you will learn about 10 most expensive sex toys.

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Today we will be counting down the top 10 most expensive sex toys. Many look for special sex toys in order to have more fun in bed, but some are a little more luxurious than others. And of course, don’t forget to stick around until the end to find out which sex toy will set you back by seven figures!

The Royal Pearl One of the most expensive and luxurious vibratior sex toys. This vibrator sex toy is one of a carefully curated luxury collection by Fornicari, an erotic art and adult sex toy shop for ‘the elite’. This sex toys made of solid platinum and bejeweled with pink and white diamonds, blue sapphires, and South Sea pearls.

While many people value sexual stimulation, you really have to put a pretty big price tag on it
to buy the Royal Pearl sex toy! That’s because its price of $1 million makes it the world’s most expensive sex toy.

To know more about 10 Most Expensive Sex Toys Waiting For check out the whole video and enjoy till the end.

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This list contains the 10 Most Expensive Sex Toys

10 Most Expensive Sex Toys


♦ 00:00 Intro
♦ 00:36 #10 Maleva and Malonga Chinese Ben Wah Balls – $500
♦ 01:21 #9 Imperator Le Cock Ring III Ruby – $548
♦ 02:18 #8 Jimmy Jane Platinum Eternity – $1,028
♦ 03:03 #7 AHH Fornicouture Fuji Glass Dildo – $1,089
♦ 04:00 #6 Lelo Earl – $3,579
♦ 04:31 #5 Lelo Yva – $4,490
♦ 05:06 LIKE
♦ 05:33 #4 Nell Pleasure Seed Vibrator – $18,000
♦ 06:04 #3 Lelo Inez – $20,679
♦ 06:34 #2 Velv’Or King J Cobra – $134,000
♦ 07:28 #1 Royal Pearl – $1,000,000
♦ 08:28 CLOSING

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