Here are the top 10 most expensive items from the Pawn Stars show on the iRicher channel.

Pawn Stars has seen some crazy items come into the shop over the years, but what was the most expensive? WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn what are 10 most expensive items that have ever been seen on the show!

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♦ 00:00 Top 10 Most Expensive Items on Pawn Stars

♦ 00:34 #10 Gold Bars

♦ 01:04 #9 Roman Coin

♦ 01:44 #8 Les and Mary Paul’s Guitar

♦ 02:34 #7 Where the Wild Things Are: Art Piece

♦ 03:05 #6 Jimi Hendrix’s Guitar

♦ 03:52 #5 JFK’s Cigar Box

♦ 05:02 #4 The Beatles Original Contract

♦ 05:54 #3 Robosaurus

♦ 06:52 #2 OJ Simpson’s Getaway Car

♦ 08:02 #1 George Washington’s Three Piece Suit

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