Every house is precious but depending on the price a home can worth a price beyond our imagination.

Today we’re sharing top 10 most expensive and incredible private houses of all time.

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WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn what are 10 of the most expensive and luxurious homes on earth.

This list contains most expensive houses in the world that are impressive to say the least.

They’re basically out of reach for most people in the world but owners of these houses enjoy a life that we can only begin to comprehend.

00:00 10 Most Expensive Houses in the World 2020

00:34 Kensington Palace Gardens – $222 mln

01:22 220 Central Park South Penthouse – $238 mln

02:19 Four Fairfield Pond – $248 mln

03:36 Mesa Vista Ranch – $250 mln

04:20 The Odeon Tower Penthouse – $330 mln

05:05 Le Palais Bulles – $390 mln

06:06 Villa Les Cedres – $410 mln

07:14 Witanhurst – $450 mln

08:00 Villa La Leopolda – $750 mln

09:01 Buckingham Palace – $2.9 bln

10:19 Antilia 2.2 bln

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